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Shantaram Janorkar Foundation of Mathematics was established in 2012, At & Post. MAHAN Tq. Barshitakli Dist. Akola (Maharashtra State) India. Main motive of the Foundation is to promote the Mathematical research work of Late Shri Shantaram Bapurao Janorkar to popularize Mathematics and Solve the Problems in Mathematics and Physics.

A Few Words about the Foundation of the Institute- Mr.Dhananjay S.Janorkar

To really prove the research done by my father, Late Mr.Shantaram Bapurao Janorkar, in various fields on the subjects of mathematics, science and spirituality, I have been trying for the last 18 years at every level by various ways and keeping the aim in mind that to really establish this research and not to allow to go in vain my late father’s thirty year long, relentless efforts in the research of various fields of mathematics and to make this logic really useful in mathematics and science in future and to continue further research, Honorable Professor Dr.T.M.Karade (D.Sc., D.Sc., President, Einstein Foundation International, Ex. Vice-Chancellor Indiana University, Raipur, Ex. Dean Faculty of Science, Nagpur University, Nagpur) on 11 December, 2011 inspired me to established an institute after my father’s name called “Shantaram Janorkar Foundation of Mathematics” and he also laid down the aims and objectives for the institute.

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