About Foundation

Shantaram Janorkar Foundation of Mathematics was established in 2012, At & Post. MAHAN Tq. Barshitakli Dist. Akola (Maharashtra State) India. Main motive of the Foundation is to promote the Mathematical research work of Late Shri Shantaram Bapurao Janorkar to popularize Mathematics and Solve the Problems in Mathematics and Physics.

A Few Words about the Foundation of the Institute- Mr.Dhananjay S.Janorkar

To really prove the research done by my father, Late Mr.Shantaram Bapurao Janorkar, in various fields on the subjects of mathematics, science and spirituality, I have been trying for the last 18 years at every level by various ways and keeping the aim in mind that to really establish this research and not to allow to go in vain my late father’s thirty year long, relentless efforts in the research of various fields of mathematics and to make this logic really useful in mathematics and science in future and to continue further research, Honorable Professor Dr.T.M.Karade (D.Sc., D.Sc., President, Einstein Foundation International, Ex. Vice-Chancellor Indiana University, Raipur, Ex. Dean Faculty of Science, Nagpur University, Nagpur) on 11 December, 2011 inspired me to established an institute after my father’s name called “Shantaram Janorkar Foundation of Mathematics” and he also laid down the aims and objectives for the institute.

The aims of the Institute:

  1. To establish at all levels the research done by Late Mr. Shantaram Bapurao Janorkar in the field of mathematics.

  2. To translate Late Mr. Shantaram Bapurao Janorkar’s handwritten content on various subjects in Marathi language into all languages without changing the meaning of the original text.

  3. To inspire those people who have interest in the research done by Late Mr. Shantaram Bapurao Janorkar.

  4. To propagate the research done by Late Mr. Shantaram Bapurao Janorkar.

  5. To inspire and financially assist those people who are doing research on the works of Late Mr.Shantaram Bapurao Janorkar.

  6. To organize seminars, conferences, lectures and campaigns, etc on the research carried out by Late Mr. Shantaram Bapu Janorkar at State, National and International levels.

  7. To apply for funds to various local, self-government, private and government bodies to make the institute Shantaram Janorakar Foundation of Mathematics financially viable.

  8. To set up mathematical institutes, various educational institutes by Shantaram Janorkar Foundation of Mathematics.

  9. To publish a mathematical research journal for those who are propagating mathematics.

Late Shri Shantaram Bapurao Janorkar Research Work’s on

  1. Point – The theorem of existence of point and its aspect.
  2. In stead of , which means Power = Mass x (Speed of Mass) , Speed of Light = 22,32,00,00,000 mile/per second. (Twenty two hundred and thirty two cores mile/per second).

  3. The distance between the shining lightening and thundering cloud.

  4. The self-proving theorem of Goba and its explanation on the basis of a formula. (Pi, namely, Goba’s fixed value = 3.141592653).

  5. Squarization of a Circle = 5605 x 5605 = 31416025 / 10000000= 3.1416025

  6. Om – The scientific verification of Om and its aspect.

  7. Soul – The verification of the existence of soul, its aspect and nomenclature. and many other researches. And (© copyrights, All Research Work).

The registration of the Institute:

Registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 R.No. MAH/217/12/Akola Date: 27/03/2012 .
Registered under the Mumbai Public Trust Act 1950 R.No. F-15716Akola Date: 31/05/2012

The Pan number of the Institute:

Pan No. AAMTS6911Q
Date    : 27/03/2012

This Institute has been established in order to enhance India’s Reputation in the fields of Mathematics, Science & Spiritual & to impart real knowledge and education to all Student’s of the World. Please, help financially, “Shantaram Janorakar Foundation of Mathematics” (Established-2012, Registration No. MAH/217/12/Akola, F-15716(Akola), At. & Post. MAHAN - 444 405, Tq. Barshitakli, Dist. Akola (Maharashtra State), INDIA, online for its Development.

The Detail Bank Account of the Institute:

Bank : State Bank of India
Bank Account No : 3 2 4 7 8 4 0 6 5 7 8
Branch : MAHAN SAB, At & Post. Mahan Dist. Akola
Branch Code : 7370
IFSC Code : SB I N0007370
MICR Code : 444002498
Swift Code : SBININBB533

About Mahan Village:

Village Mahan is situated 35 km. from Akola But, it is in the Constituency of Murtizapur where Padmashree Hon. Vijay Bhatkar was born . It is in the lap of nature with a fine Dam under Katepurna Project and an old Karuneshwar Temple (7th Century). To Reach Mahan you have to alight at Akola Railway Station.

About Akola District:

Akola is a city in Akola district in Vidarbha region in the state of Maharashtra in central India. It is about 584 km east of Mumbai (former "Bombay") and 250 km west of Nagpur. Akola is the administrative headquarters of Akola District located in Amravati Division, Akola city is governed by Akola Municipal Corporation.
Today, Akola is a developing city and it is one of the major city of the vidarbha region. Akola has very good grain market, oil mills, dal (pulses) mills & is known for production of cotton. The IT sector is also growing at a fast pace. The city is known for various cultural activities like classical music, spirituality, theater, sports and literature. These activities and opportunities attract migrants and students from other parts of the region.
Akola district has an area of about 5,431 square kilometers and population of 1,818,617 (2011 census). Akola is the third largest city in Vidarbha region after Nagpur and Amravati. Marathi is the most popular spoken language, though Hindi, English and Urdu are also used. Akola District is bordered on the north and east by Amravati District, on the south by Washim District, and on the west by Buldhana District.